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Photography Workshops

All workshops consist of 3 parts, you can take each part individually or as a set.  Commencing with an introduction to the photography techniques, then out and about at different venues, taking a variety of photographs.  Finally back to the classroom to discuss your images with plenty of time for your questions. 

Landscape Lovers

Portraits Improvers


Learn how to add interest to your photos with some tips on composition and put it all into practice by taking some close-up and full landscape shots.

Basic Skills Workshop 1 - learn how to get the best from your camera or phone, explore focus points and sharpness, learn from the best but don't copy

Basic Skills Workshop 2 - learn how to compose a good photo, how changing perspective can dramatically change your shots, extract the object from the background and use depth of field 

Basic Skills Workshop 3 - learn how to use natural light, built-in flash and how to cope in low light by adjusting ISO, use fill-in flash to illuminate an object without losing detail, control exposure 

Whether you want to make your family portraits more interesting or thinking of becoming a photographer this series of workshops might be of interest to you.

Portrait Workshop 1 - get out of auto,  create blurred backgrounds to make your subject really stand out,  use your camera's built-in flash for fill-flash and backlit shots, capture moving subjects

Portrait Workshop 2 - 1/3 rule, learn how to compose a good portrait, photograph your subjects in their favourite environment to enhance your portraits, earn how to use reflectors and fill-in flash to direct light and illuminate the subject.

Portrait Photography 3 - learn how to relax and pose your models for the most flattering images, make the very most of natural light to enhance your subject and understand how subtle changes can dramatically improve your portraits

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