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Hello, my name is Sandra Sniezek and I'm based in Emsworth but cover all Hampshire and West Sussex. 

Photography is my passion. Whenever I travel, my camera is always with me. I have hundreds of photos from different places. Iamazes me what we can do now
to show beauty of nature using
 modern technology. 

I love landscapes and portraits, specially outdoor ones. I love challenges and adventures, you can be part of my next one! 

I enjoy the whole process of planning and performing a photo session. I always invite people to meet for an informal chat prior to session, I call it an ice-breaking chat. It helps us both to get to know each other, discuss your expectations, choose what's best for you and plan your session in detail. People are much more relaxed after such a meeting and the photos are much better, too.

I used to be a photo model and I'm happy to share my knowledge and experience with others. I believe every person no matter what age or size can look good in photos.